The ALLU Crusher is a series of crushing attachments designed for excavators from 10 to 33 -tons. The series includes 3 different models, designed to crush a variety of materials directly on-site.
The ALLU Crusher is designed to be efficient in every situation. The sides of the crusher are straight, and the tip plate is angled. That makes it easier to fill with material and difficult to damage the ALLU Crusher. The bend side plates add overallstrength to the bucket frame construction without adding weight.
The flywheel and belt drive are placed inside the unit to keep them safe from wear. Changing the fragment size has been made as easy as possible. It is changed easily and quickly with the pin adjusted method. You have 16 different fragment sizesare available on all three models.
With the bottom eccentric jaw movement, you can expect the material to flow freely through the jaws. This increases the capacity of the material output, making it superior to the competition. The jaw on the ALLU Crusher can be run in both directions which helps to avoid jamming or bridging of the material, even with wet materials.

Allu Crusher